Prime Linkers: A Trusted Customs Clearing Agent

As a customs clearing broker, our team of professionals work to serve our clients at the highest levels of quality in all respects. We are licensed as a customs clearing broker, which enables us to deliver smooth and trouble free services on a regular basis to our new and established clients. Based on a long-term relationship with the customs authority, we have built a reputation as a well-established and reliable customs clearing agent in Pakistan.

Our customs clearing department is always looking to expand our knowledge in order to improve the customs clearing process, to align with international and Pakistan legislation. We strive to earn the title of the best customs clearing agent with our clients. Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi distances or any other distance in Pakistan, as well international transportation requirements are covered through a combination of advanced technology and competent service.

A complex network of connections allows us to deliver all services in the shortest time possible, at the most affordable prices. Whether it is short distance logistics requirements, such as Lahore Faisalabad, Karachi or more complex routes, Prime Linkers is the logistics and customs clearing agent you need. Especially dedicated to the US sector of the industry, our company is working with the most reliable steamship lines and air cargo companies in the world, always looking for new and reputable collaborations to benefit our clients.