Customs Consultancy

Where Customs brokerage is our principal activity, we provide other value-added services to assist and support our customers. One of these services is customs consultancy. Pakistan’s customs legislation is increasingly complex. As customs professionals, we provide customs consulting services that navigate you through the regulatory requirements for an import & export business.
While many companies take great efforts to reduce the costs of raw materials, labor, overhead and transportation, they often overlook the millions of rupees in customs duties and taxes that erode profits. Quite often, companies spend considerably more on customs duties than they realize. It is vital for importers and exporters to realize that customs duties and taxes are not fixed costs and can, in fact, be lawfully minimized with proper research, planning and structuring. Prime Linkers provides a full range of customs consulting services to assist and advise on all aspects of your customs clearance practices. As your Customs Consultant, Prime Linkers will bring compliance and savings together to benefit your trading business.
We can analyze your current customs clearing practices and identify potential improvements. Together, we can develop a comprehensive strategy that meets the needs of your unique business objectives. Implementing an integrated solution will smooth the flow of your supply chain and improve your profits.

We invite you to pick our brains. Let our knowledge work to your advantage. Prime Linkers can make sure that your goods are valued and classified properly. We stay up to date of the most recent government program changes and will advise you on duties relief programs, so you receive the maximum in drawbacks and refunds. Above all, we can make sure that you are minimizing your risk of exposure to customs penalties, be it in Lahore, Faisalabad or Karachi.

Whether you are a small family business or a multinational, whether you are dealing with one or more government departments, Prime Linkers customs clearing agency has the expertise to make an informed assessment of your obligations and requirements, and to customize a solution for you. With offices in all major cities Prime Linkers provide customs consultancy along with customs clearing agent services in Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi.

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