Customs Brokerage

Custom broker is a profession that involves clearing goods through customs for importers and exporters at their local port. As Pakistan’s premium customs broker, our team of professionals works to serve our clients at the highest levels of quality in all respects. Prime Linkers is licensed as a customs clearing broker, which enables us to deliver smooth and worry free services on a regular basis to our new and established clients. Based on a long-standing relationship with the customs authority, Prime Linkers has built a reputation as a well-established and reliable customs broker in Pakistan.

As a professional customs brokers, we guide your imports and exports through the customs clearance process quickly and cost-effectively. We can clear shipments arriving at any port in Pakistan by any mode of transport, providing you with one point of contact from time of arrival through to delivery.
Our customs brokerage department is always looking to expand our knowledge in order to improve the customs clearing process, to align with international and Pakistan’s legislation. We endeavor to earn the title of the best customs clearing broker with our clients in Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi or any other port in Pakistan. At Prime Linkers all international transportation requirements are covered through a combination of advanced technology and competent service.
Our network of branches across Pakistan, pre preparation of mandatory documents, vast knowledge of customs regulations and tariffs allows us to deliver all services in the shortest time possible, at the most affordable prices. Whether it is a small or huge consignment, at any port Lahore Faisalabad, Karachi or any other city, Prime Linkers is the logistics and customs clearing broker you need specially dedicated to the import sector.
With our team’s in-depth knowledge of current regulatory requirements, we strive to ensure all of your documentation is complete and accurate. We make every effort to ensure your shipments clear quickly and cost effectively.
Throughout the customs clearance process, we deal with Pakistan Customs on your behalf. Using the latest in information technology and electronic and manual filing, we gather and manage the data you need to get your shipments released promptly. Our experience and access to shipment evidences across Pakistan allows us to give you the most accurate quote.
Whether you're a major manufacturer, a national retailer or a local importer of specialized products, Prime Linkers can fulfill your full range of Pakistani customs brokerage needs. With customized services backed by more than 20 years' experience, we'll enhance the flow of your company's goods into Pakistan by reducing costs and delays that could affect your business.

Prime Linkers can streamline your customs clearance process and help you achieve your business goals. Get a free no obligation Quote now.